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2.1. Initialize your Lync Account

Initializing Your Lync for biz.uconn.edu

If you have not logged into your @biz.uconn.edu accounts in the past, you are required to change the password for your Lync account.  Your Lync User ID is in the form of firstname.lastname@biz.uconn.edu.  This user ID is only used for your Lync connection and does not have a full email account associated with it.  (However, as a UCONN student you are provided a UCONN email account.  Please go to http://google.uconn.edu/ for more information about Google Apps and email. )

Prior to using Lync for biz.uconn.edu your account will require initialization.

Open a web browser and go to https://login.microsoftonline.com/

Log in with your username & temporary password

User ID: firstname.lastname@biz.uconn.edu
e.g. John.Dough@biz.uconn.edu

Password: Initials (Capitalized) + Peoplesoft # + !
e.g. JD123456!

Follow the prompts to set a new password and click Submit to activate the Lync for biz.uconn.edu account.

Continue to install UConn Lync for biz.uconn.edu for Windows or Mac.


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