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2.10. Recovering Corrupted Data

STOP! Don't run CHKDSK to 'fix' your corrupt drive. CHKDSK will likely cause many more problems and solve nothing, instead complicating data recovery.

School of Business IT Group (SBITG) can refer you to applications and services that MAY or MAY NOT recover the data. SBITG is not permitted to assist with physical recovery of data on *personal devices.

Here are two great resources:

Overview of a simple recovery


An overview and worst case scenarios


IMPORTANT: Minimize your use of the problem device. Only operate it when absolutely necessary (during recovery efforts), and only if there is no sign of hardware failure.

If the hardware is damaged or failing (Louder than normal, making loud persistent clicking or buzzing sounds) software recovery of data will not be possible. You will have to work with a company that specializes in hardware data recovery of the magnetic media. This type of service is usually $1,700 to $2,100 and may or may not recover the data. We have seen better results with http://www.krollontrack.com/ (they are more affordable and more honest than others we have experience with).

If you do not have an external drive you will need one to recover the files to, and to run the recovery software from.

Assuming your PC still boots you may use the following software. Install the software on the external drive, run it and recover all files to the USB drive.

DO NOT INSTALL OR RECOVER BACK TO THE DAMAGED DRIVE IT WILL FURTHER ERODE YOUR RECOVERY EFFORTS! You will be overwriting data you are trying to recover with part of recovered files (Trash loop).


Free Data Recovery Software




If you Operating System does not boot here are resources for creating a CDROM with a Live Operating System and integrated Data Recovery Tools.

REMINDER: Download, and burn the ISO from another PC!

Here is another resource for this type of recovery http://lifehacker.com/192982/geek-to-live--rescue-files-with-a-boot-cd



Hirens Boot

*Protection, backup and security of locally stored data is solely the end-users responsibility especially on personal devices.

UConn School of Business provides an office PC exclusively for UConn related work. UConn School of Business may provide a 'best effort' to recover data if time permits. Storing data locally is strongly discouraged as it is easy to access (not secure), likely not backed up, etc.. Liability concerns and /or ethics issues prevent School of Business personal from recovering data on devices not owned by the state or ANY personal data.

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