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3.1. I'm Getting SPAM from Myself

Here is why

Recently a syndicate of SPAMMERS has created bots that skim for email addresses loads them to a database then spoofs the sender's email address and applies it as the recipient address. The result is the recipient looks like the sender. This technique circumvents many SPAM filters and client based rules.

Here is the fix

To resolve the issue we have asked users to create an email filter that compares the sender's email to the recipients email address. If the two are identical then the email is diverted to the junk folder.

The School of Business DOES NOT apply filtering at the server. All email filtering occurs by the email client (the software that connects to the School of Business Exchange Server).

As you appear to be a Mac user Apple Mail, your likely email client, would be responsible for running filters and removing unsolicited email (SPAM) from your accounts.

Here is how to fix it


How to configure Microsoft Outlook to filter SPAM



Here are two links explaining how to configure rules in Apple Mail (unsupported)




For more information about how the School of Business filters SPAM


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