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5. How to Set Up Extron System 5 IP Switcher Software


IP Setup:

Obtain a laptop and crossover cable and connect directly to the powered up unit.

By default all System 5 IP switchers have an IP address of  In order to communicate with the device you must configure the laptop to be on the same subnet.

To do so right-click on My Network Places>properties and right-click on Local Area Connections>properties. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and choose Properties and use the settings below.

Choose OK and close out of all the other windows.

Next go to the switchers configuration page and choose the Configuration tab and input the following settings...


IP Address: 137.99.X.X

Gateway IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

NOTE: Be sure the IP address is reserved for the device's MAC address.  Current address tables can be found in \\sbpuhfile\classrooms and should be updated accordingly.  The system's administrator can make any changes should the table be wrong and/or new equipment is installed. The MAC address is located on both the configuration page and on the back of the device.

Click OK and the devices new IP is set (your browser should timeout). Plug the switcher and your laptop into the network (remember to re-enable DHCP on the laptop as both devices need to be on the same subnet to communicate with each other).



Download and install the latest version of Extron Global Configurator.

Upon opening GC you will be given a number of options.

First select Add Driver Subscriptions and choose the brand (Mitsubishi) and device type (video projector) from the lists on the left.

Next click the right arrow to move your selection to current driver subscriptions and click the download button on the right.

After the drivers have finished downloading, choose OK and Create a New Project.

Use the settings above, where Next Assigned IP Address is the IP you set earlier and choose OK.

Choose System 5 IP from the IP Link Device drop down menu, and click Advanced under TCP settings.

Check Auto Configure IP Address fill in the MAC Address you obtained earlier and click Set.

Create a New Location by clicking the folder icon in the top right and rename to the classroom number.

Click OK with the location selected.

Click here to add drivers to your configuration and select the projector model from the list of drivers.

Select the Front Panel tab and expand the display controls under Button Operations.

Drag each operation to its respective button:

Computer 1: PC, DOC CAM, and LAPTOP

S-Video: DVD/VCR

NOTE: Projector inputs may vary depending on the model.


From the taskbar choose Build>Build All Configurations.

Click Begin and once uploaded the switcher is ready to go!

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