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eInstruction and CPS for PowerPoint


Since the Spring Semester of 2012 the University of Connectict has ended its relationship with eInstruction replacing eInstruction's, CPS and clickersw with a new classroom response system. The RFP committee found the i>clicker 2 to be significantly more stable, flexible, easier to use and support, and more affordable for students.


Each classroom in the Storrs BUSN building has a receiver and channel chart. Professors who wish to view the base unit's LCD displays are encouraged to bring his or her own i>clicker Base to class.

i>Clicker2 Student Remote

i>Clicker2 Base


For best results we recommend that faculty copy the contents of the i>clicker flash drive to P:\. Saving the class files and program files for i>clicker provides a slightly more stable environment and a backup of your files.

For more information about using i>clicker please see the following links:

University of Connecticut Classroom Response Systems

i>Clicker's Clicker Best Practives & Tips


 Steve McDermott, Instructional Consultant, ITL, is UConn's primary CRS contact - 860-716-0453.
The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) provides faculty pedagogical and technical support for effectively using CRS and integrating with HuskyCT.
The Learning Resource Center (LRC) supports student clicker registration and use of the CRS for students.

Off campus support:
i>clicker offers support at support@iclicker.com or 866.209.5698 (toll free)

Please note: The School of Business does not provide loaner i>clickers or batteries. Students are responsible for bringing a working i>clicker to classes that require them. 

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