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1. Board Room Bluetooth Audio Gateway

Board Room Wireless Audio


The BUSN Board Room, Room 321 now has a Bluetooth audio gateway installed that will permit the designated boardroom laptop to wirelessly broadcast sound to the room's built in audio system. The Bluetooth audio gateway will also work with any Bluetooth enabled laptop or device that has been previously configured to use a broadcast audio device.

We will be able to provide minimal support to those who bring their own devices. It is recommended that presenters use the provided equipment so there will be no delays during their presentations and to insure compatibility. We will not be able support devices that unless they already have Bluetooth enabled and working on their device.




Bluetooth USB Dongle


The Bluetooth USB Dongle is plugged into the second port (bottom right). It should be plugged in before the laptop is powered on.




Bluetooth Audio Gateway


The Bluetooth audio gateway is plugged in and within 15 feet of the laptop. If the distance between the transmitter and the reciever is too far the audio and connection quality suffers greatly.







The Bluetooth AG is connected to input one.

The power button for the amplifier is on the far right. 


Turn on the amplifier. It is located in a closet space behind the whiteboards.

Make sure Bluetooth USB Dongle and the Bluetooth audio gateway are plugged in. Confirm the Bluetooth audio gateway is powered on.

  • The audio gateway should be flashing blue.

Power on the laptop.

  • Before the logon screen loads you should hear a faint high pitched beep through the room's speakers indicating that the Bluetooth connection between the transmitter and receiver has been made. The Bluetooth audio gateway's indicator light will change from blinking blue to steady blue as a visual indicator that the connection is complete.
  • A final confirmation will occur when signing into the laptop. The Windows logon music will be audible through the room's speakers.



  1. If there are any issues unplug the USB dongle
  2. Unplug the audio gateway
  3. Plug in the audio gateway, wait for blue light to start blinking
  4.  Plug in the USB dongle.

Paring and all related connection processes will occur automatically.


Troubleshooting beyond plug and unplug.


Right click on the Bluetooth  icon, found in the system tray.


Locate the Board Room Wireless Audio device.

Right click on Board Room Wireless Audio and select Sound Settings


Right click on Bluetooth Audio Renderer and click Connect.


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