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7.1. Data - What is P:\ and Q:\?

What is P:\ and Q:\


The School of Business provides two network storage locations for faculty, Ph.Ds. and staff to use for saving data. These network resources map as local drives on all Windows PCs that sign into the Business domain and are connected to the School of Business network. Simply click "Computer" and look in the "Network Location" section.

The P:\ is for "Private Data." Private data might include works in progress, publications, and other types of university-related data not meant for others to access.

The Q:\ is for departmental data. This data is accessible by coworkers and departmental colleagues only.

P:\ and Q:\ were selected to pay homage to an easy to remember colloquialism "Mind your P's and Q's." In the School of Business community it translates to "be mindful of where you place your data. P is for private and Q is Quasi-public or departmental."

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