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2.7. How to Save Location Paths as Favorites

Adding Location Favorites in Windows 7


Drive letters are used as a logical method of organizing network data paths. You are familiar with P:\ which in the School of Business represents the server path to your personal network addressable file storage location.

Other server locations are represented by other server paths.  This collections of drive letters representing all server addresses is going to be replaced with two drive letters. P:\ for personal data and Q:\ which will have a collection of shortcuts to the group shares that were previously represented by the several other drive letters.

The School of Business' Distributed File System (DFS) is a method of managing file server resources more efficiently throughout the organization. It can cause some confusion as there will be minor changes in how you access your data.

Here is a simple step that will make finding data easier by adding location favorites for frequently used data paths.



Click on Windows Computer or Double click on the Computer icon



Double Click on (Q:)


Click and hold while dragging your shortcut to your Windows 7 favorites to make finding frequently used paths easier to find. In the example provided above an insert bar will appear.

Move the shortcut to the desired location and release the mouse button to complete the processes.

If at any time you see Explorer start to copy files click cancel because you are coping data from the server to your local PC which is NOT recommended.

Repeat the steps above for each shortcut you want to save.

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