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3.1. Starting a Remote Desktop Session

Starting a Remote Desktop Session

It is recommended that all users remotely accessing PCs on the University of Connecticut Campus:

From the UCONN PC (host)

1.       Enable the Remote Desktop Service on the PC being accessed (known as a host)

2.       Write down the hostname or IP address of the PC you will be accessing

a.       From the host pc go to http://www.whatsmyip.info/ (write down the information provided) The fully qualified computer name  or hostname with an appended .business.uconn.edu is better than the IP Address because the IP address will change.

From the Home PC (client)

3.       Upgrade the client to the latest version of the RDP client (Windows XP, and Vista users only)

4.       Initiate a VPN session on the client PC using these instructions: https://vpn.uconn.edu

Starting a Remote Desktop Session

Wait for the Juniper Network Connect client to start before beginning the Remote Desktop Connection.

Once connected, you will see a small Network Connect Icon in the System Tray on the lower

right-hand corner of the screen

Each subsequent initialization can done from the Start Menu


Start>All Programs> Accessories>

Or search for default.rdp

Enter the computer name or IP address written down from step 2a.

Click the Display tab to use multiple monitors (available in RDP version 7)

Click the Local Resources tab

Click More...

Click "Drives" then click "OK"

Click the General tab

Click Save As...

Save the connection information so it can be used for all future connections to this device

Click Connect to initiate the connection


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