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2.2. How to Enable Remote Desktop (Windows 7)

Enabling Remote Desktop on Windows 7


Remote Desktop is disabled by default in Windows 7 or Vista, but it's easy enough to turn it back on. If you need to access your Windows PC from another device, it's essential that remote desktop be enabled first.

To get to the configuration page, you can either right-click the Computer icon and choose Properties.

Click on the Remote Settings link.

Select "Allow connection from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure)"

Click OK

Note: To connect from another Vista or Win7 PC on the same network, click the bottom radio button. If you need to connect from an XP/2k machine, select "Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop" radio button.

Windows 7 will setup Windows Firewall rules automatically.

If remoting from off campus it is recommended that you use the Junos Pulse client to establish a VPN Session before starting a Remote Desktop Session.

For more information on VPN installation and use please see this link



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