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2.1. Before Excel Exams

Setting Excel AutoRecovery before exams

Follow Professor Nelson's directions CAREFULLY!


Before starting the exam it is imperative that Excel AutoRecovery is enabled.  If there is a problem with the exam this option MAY help recover the exam.

Click the Office Orb

Click Excel Options

Click Save

Place a check mark (if it is not already) in the option to "Save AutoRecover information every __ minutes"

Enter a "minutes" value you are comfortable with, 5 minutes to 10 minutes should be sufficient. Each time the spreadsheet saves Excel will stop responding; anything less than 5 minutes IS NOT recommended.

Click OK to close the options.

How to recover lost spreadsheets

If a spreadsheet does not save properly and appears to be lost DO NOT OPEN EXCEL until the AutoRecovery temporary file is copied to a new location.

Windows 7

C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\~filename.xar

Windows XP



Right click on the file and select Copy.

Go to the desktop and right click and select Paste.

Right click on the new file and select Rename

Rename the file and be sure to change the file extension from XAR to XLS

Double click on the new file and follow the prompts. Check to see if any work was lost or needs to be completed.


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