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2.4. How to Find a Computer's MAC Address

How to Find a Computer's MAC Address


Windows XP, Vista and Win7

Click the windows Start Icon in the Search or Run field

Type in "cmd"

Press Enter


A DOS window will open

Type in "ipconfig /all" (Note: There is a space before the backslash, but not after it)

Press Enter


Scroll to the section labeled "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" (circled in red)

If the adapter is in use, it will have an IP address with the label "(Preferred)"

Locate the Physical Address (circled in red)




Open "System Preferences" (usually found in the Dock) and select Network.  Select a "Location:" Select "Built-in Ethernet" from the "Show" Drop-down list. The MAC  Address or Physical Address is labeled "Ethernet ID:".



MAC OS 10.4+

Click the Apple menu at the top left of the screen;

Click "About This Mac"

Click the "More Info..." button (this will open the System Profiler)

Click "Network" (left column)

In the right panel, under the "Ethernet" section, you will see the system's MAC address listed.

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