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3.6. How to Unsubscribe from University Listserv Mail Lists


Open a web browser and enter the URL: https://listserv.uconn.edu/


Figure 1 - Untrusted Connection

As is the case with most University websites, you must add a security certificate exception to your system to allow access.

Simply click Add Exception...

Select Get Certificate from the window that pops up, and then click Confirm



Figure 2 - UConn ListServ Management

The left column of the page allows subscribers to manage subscriptions

Click on the hyperlink: "List Management"

If you know your password, please go Figure 7

If you have never managed email lists, then please proceed to Figure 3



Figure 3 - UConn ListServ create a password hyperlink

If you have never used LIST SERV to subscribe you may have to use the "GET A NEW LISTSERV PASSWORD" hyperlink to create a new account.



Figure 4 - UConn ListServ creating an account / password

Following the University's default email alias enter your full firstname dot lastname @ uconn.edu.

Create a new password, confirm the new password and click on the Register Password button



Figure 5 - UConn ListServ account creation verification email

Moments later, you will get a confirmation email

Open the confirmation email and click on the URL provided

A window should pop up giving you the following confirmation message:



Figure 6 - UConn ListServ login screen

Enter the email address that is receiving listserv messages.  In most cases School of Business users will have listserv messages forwarded from  the UConn email address e.g. john.dough@uconn.edu. Not the School of Business account e.g. john.dough@business.uconn.edu.



Figure 7 - UConn ListServ managing email lists

Click on the "Subscriber's Corner" to see which lists are directed to your email address.





Figure 8 - Subscriber's Corner: Unsubscribing

It is not advisable to remove subscriptions unless you are certain that the information does not pertain to you. If you do choose to unsubscribe from lists:

Click in the Checkbox to Select any list to delete

At the bottom of the list section select the dropdown box,  scroll to and select "Unsubscribe"

Click the "Submit" button to remove the list(s) from your account.





Figure 9 - Subscriber's Corner: Subscribing

Click on the "Subscriber's Corner" to see search for a list to subscribe to



Figure 10 - Subscriber's Corner: Show All Lists

Change the "Show All Lists:" Dropdown to "Show All Lists"

Type in the list you would like to add in the "Search for List:" field

Click the Search button



Figure 11 - Subscriber's Corner: Adding a list found from a search

Click the Search button

Select the list(s) you would like to add

Click the Submit button.

You will receive an email confirmation that the list was added.

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