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1.1. How to Display Grades in HuskyCT


In order for students to see their grades, two things need to happen. The My Grades tool needs to be visible to the students and the columns need to be released.


To check on the first, go to the Student View tab and look for the My Grades tool in the left-hand menu. If it is not there, you will need to do the following to add it:


Go to the Build tab

Go to Manage Course

Click on Course Menu

Click on "Show link" next to the My Grades tool

Check again from the Student View tab to be sure it is visible


To release columns:

Go to Teach tab

Go to Grade Book

Click on Grade Book Options button

Click on Column Settings

Be sure "yes" is showing in the "Released to students" row for each column you wish the students to see their grades from. Just click on a "no" to turn it into "yes"


The best way to test this feature is to give Demo Student a grade for each column in your Grade Book. Then go to the Student View and click on the My Grades tool. You should see the grades from each column you have released. If it is working for "Demo Student" it will be working for the students in your class.

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