Knowledge Books
Everything about your accounts, from email to lync and, coming soon, sharepoint for team collaboration.
Contains information exclusive to equipment, software, and procedures pertinent to classes and School of Business High-Tech classrooms
Contains guides, standards, and processes for electronic and print communications, including website content, event calendars and graphic standards.
Connecting & Remoting
Contains information pertinent to connecting to UConn's wireless networks, the VPN, and Remote Desktop
EBV & MBA Students
Help articles for full time MBA students
Faculty/Staff Information
Contains useful information and common troubleshooting procedures exclusive to School of Business Faculty and Staff
Student Resources
Contains information for School of Business students, updates about the MCP program, and configuration settings for anyone using a Lenovo laptop
Outlook, Email & Lync
Contains information for configuring School of Business email accounts through Outlook and various other mail clients
Contains important information regarding the responsibilities and restrictions of the School of Business ITS Department and end-users
Printing & Scanning
Contains guides for setting up, configuring, and troubleshooting School of Business Printers and Scanners
Contains information pertinent to the installation, usage, and troubleshooting of various software programs and components provided by the School of Business
Viruses & Data
Contains helpful information about ways to backup and protect your data, prevent a virus attack, and remove an existing virus infection
Windows Assistance
Contains documents relating to settings, tools, and procedures pertinent to the Windows XP and Windows 7 Operating Systems